Due to COVID-19 we are having to change our normal lives and that includes grocery shopping. If you are like us, we love supporting our local Long Beach restaurants, and we are trying to avoid grocery stores as much as possible. Thankfully our local restaurants are re-tooling into 'Mini Markets' where we can purchase essential grocery items and support Long Beach businesses.

This is a free online resource to better find Mini Markets near you, and to search for restaurants that carry specific items that you may need. The buttons above filter the markets by location, while below you can filter by specific item.

The Bamboo Club


This bar offers delicious pre-made alcoholic drinks every weekend like Mai Tais, Blue Hawaiis, Puka Punch, Painkillers, and Jungle Birds. Make sure to get your order in by 7pm every Friday. Check out their social media for the most up-to-date items.

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